The economics of rainwater harvesting in industrial and commercial situations can often be significantly greater than in household installations, due to the generally higher demand for non-potable water.

Generally there is a large roof catchment area available, and therefore there are substantial savings to be made.

These savings can be improved upon further by the installation of water-efficient WCs and urinals and other water saving devices such as flow regulators, tap aerators, etc.

  • In commercial situations the mains water bill can be reduced by up to 80% in some applications
  • In commercial situations the payback period for a rain water harvesting system can thus be less than 2 years


RHI’s HYDRAPRO rainwater harvesting products are accredited as part of the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. 
This means RHI’s private clients can offset up to 100% of the taxable cost of the system against their tax bill at the end of the year*.

ECA scheme worked example

Funder: HM Revenue and Customs 

Other funding may be available, mainly on a regional basis through Regional Development Agencies.

Funding within Northern Ireland

RHI are pleased to announce that Invest NI is now offering grants to it’s client companies of up to 55%. This scheme is called the “resource efficiency capital grants scheme”.

There is also specific funding available for agricultural companies, so should you wish to find out more about what may be available to you visit

Previous schemes include the Farm Modernisation Programme.