• High Compressive strength – Ideal for under car parks and amenity area surfaces and for vehicular weights up to 60 t swl.
  • Reduced Excavation Costs
  • Easy and light to handle
  • Simple Rapid Installation
  • Modular Format offers total design flexibility “BESPOKE” designs available on request
  • Excellent Hydraulic Characteristics- Highly permeable offers low resistance to water flow
  • Economical Less expensive than concrete soak-away
  • Ability to be self flushing- as water enters it disturbs the settled sediment and self flushes away
  • Tested by German TUV for 3 dimensional flow of water and air over 30 year lifetime
  • +>97% Void, compared to normal Max 40% standard soak away
  • Can be used in conjunction with Rainwater harvesting systems for water storage
  • Helps eliminate pollution when use with specialist oil/petrol separators
  • Full IN HOUSE technical Assistance available at all times
  • Total flexibility, able to cut to fit on site, exactly to your requirements.
  • Confidence of dealing with a major European Market Leader in Plastic Media Manufacturer
  • Certificates of Conformity are available on request.
  • 30 year lifetime TUV attestation
  • BBA Accreditation, certificate number 08/4605 Environmentally friendly below ground solutions.
  • Reliable, sustainable solution based on the best technical solution.
  • Adaptable for domestic and the largest commercial developments
  • Able to accommodate ground movement.
  • Manufactured from Grade 1 virgin Polypropylene, more mechanically consistent than reprocessed materials.
  • The laminar design not conducive to rodent infestation.
  • Install can be provided by professional install team using welded seam technology.
  • Specifiers thinking of change can be sure that design applications can be done to suit all projects.
  • No Lids , no clips , no messing easy to lay, just line up put in pipe and off you go!

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